About Borkowski Arts & Entertainment

Borkowski is one of the few truly multi-disciplinary Arts and Culture PR outfits, with genuine expertise in theatre, performing arts, music, festivals, film and television, and additional experience in and passion for visual and literary arts, exhibitions, attractions, heritage and cultural tourism
Our wide range of specialties has given us an expansive network of media contacts and exposed us to numerous different PR traditions and practices from which we borrow to create a totally new approach tailored to each client or project.
Over 35 years we have developed a vast and well-rounded skillset:

  1. We get under your skin to forge close working relationships

  2. We're experts at visual storytelling, and conceiving and producing publicity stunts and creative activations

  3. We are experts on strategy; we strive to understand in detail your aims, your audiences, and the channels that will help you connect these

  4. We have a strong sense of purpose, particularly championing good causes within and creating links between the charity and cultural sectors

  5. We're future-facing, working closely with social media teams, influencers, content producers, brands, and Metaverse, and Web3 producers

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