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16 Aug 19

Weekly Media Trends (16 Aug 19)

16 Aug 19

Borkowski Weekly Media Trends: Bear Grylls | Boris' Casual Lies | Celtic's Own Goal | Greta Thunberg marches on

Bear Grylls Finally Does Something Genuinely Dangerous

Finally, after years harmlessly playing the role of a posh, tree-climbing charlatan who quenches a thirst built on making mind-numbingly bland TV by drinking his own piss, Bear Grylls has done something genuinely dangerous and reckless.
After the moderate success of his fireside cuddle with the outgoing President Obama, he's decided to have a crack at another major world leader, this time India's strongman Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The show took the form of a wildlife trek through a carefully stage managed segment of Indian countryside during which Grylls lets a man whose political leanings range from deeply reactionary to genocidal - and who is currently presiding over one of the world's most urgent geopolitical crises in Kashmir and on the Pakistan border- perpetuate an image of himself as a peaceful, thoughtful spiritualist. In place of any challenge, Grylls as interviewer can only offer the kind of wince-inducing sycophancy usually reserved for Donald Trump by Piers Morgan.
It's a propaganda exercise that would make Kim Jong Un blush (from embarrassment as well as gout) and if there's any justice, it would be career suicide from a man whose attempts to make bland travelogues look rife with jeopardy has led him to take part in an exercise which could literally precipitate world war III.
And he'll probably get away with it: expect unapologetic references to the sections of positive response the show is receiving in India in questions about the morality of taking part in such a stunt. In a saner age it would be a PR kamikaze mission: Grylls has show himself to be either incredibly stupid, morally bankrupt, insanely right-wing, or all three but given the current state of society, we wouldn't be surprised if the only consequence of this carbuncle is that Bear's old schoolmate Boris ends up making him foreign secretary.

Johnson in Number 10: A Proper Gander

Speaking of Boris...It’s a trait specific to weak people, and weak political leaders, not to be able to stand by, or take responsibility for decisions made problematic by the passing of time.

From enemy of the people shaped holes appearing in photos of Stalin, to the denial of laying of wreaths on terrorist memorials, it’s been a failing for generations of narcissists to be unable to stand by what they once did. The technology has changed, but the cheap habit remains. When it comes to reaping what was sown – just lie. When faced with the prospect of lying in the bed you made – just deny. It’s weak, but the more private the gaffe and the longer ago it was – the easier it is to slip into this temptation.

It takes an unbelievable level of weakness, narcissism and disregard for the intelligence of the UK electorate to sink to where de Pfeffel Johnson currently skulks. His team have released an election style video that quietly edits his opening speech on the steps of Downing Street to skip over his pledge to get more money into the NHS. It’s staggeringly cynical.

This is a Prime Minister with the winds of change at his back, soaring up the pollsenjoying an absent opposition. If this is how he casually toys with the truth when the sun is shining – what will he resort to when he inevitably hits real turbulence?

Hiring PR Firm Was Celtic's Own Goal

This week SNP MP James Dornan condemned Celtic Boys Club, a feeder club for Celtic FC, for hiring Hollicom, a Glasgow-based PR agency, for reputation management services, instead of compensating victims of sexual abuse at the club.

Keen to position himself as the heir to Nicola Sturgeon’s throne in Scotland, Dornan was quick to condemn CBC for prioritising “spin and public relations” over “putting things right”. Hollicom have since locked their Twitter account. Unexpectedly finding themselves the centre of attention, they have shut down. How the story was leaked is unclear, but Hollicom appears to have broken the golden rule of crisis management PR – never let yourself become the story.

The PR industry is viewed very negatively by most of the population, and the hiring of an agency allows all sorts of characters to make hay out of an issue that Hollicom had sought to control. When the crisis manager becomes the crisis, that is very bad news indeed.

Abuse of Greta Thunberg is awful but shows that she's winning

It’s not often that a pigtailed 17-year-old girl finds herself at the centre of the media circus. This week all eyes, ears and poisonous keyboards were trained on Greta Thunberg as she set off from Plymouth harbour to New York City, continuing her zero-carbon journey to the United Nations HQ.

She is greatly admired by her fans, but equally hated by her critics. Arron Banks, the nation’s pre-eminent merchant of myopic Little-England nastiness, implied that he was hoping for her death in a “freak yachting accident” as she crossed the Atlantic, in a widely condemned tweet.

Banks’ tweet highlighted an important fact – Thunberg is an extremely effective messenger. Everyone knows exactly what she stands for. Banks meanwhile has had his hard-Brexit-poster-boy brand stolen by a changing Conservative Party, not least its new leader. What does he stand for now?

The true reason Banks and his oeuvre hate Greta Thunberg is simple. She knows her story, and how to tell it well. That’s something the ‘bad boy of Brexit’ seems to have forgotten how to do.

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