About Borkowski Corporate Communications Division

Borkowski’s dynamic, versatile and multifaceted Corporate Communications operation can help you achieve your business aims.  


Telling your story effectively is partly about understanding culture, society and news values, but it’s also about understanding the aims of our clients.  
Whether it’s fame, reputation, sales, investment, influence, audience development, or industry recognition, we know how to communicate your message in the right way, through the right channels, to influence the right audience.
Of course, to be able to do this requires the right Network. Every Communications Agency will talk up their Black Book, but after 40 years in the game your contacts become diverse, varied and powerful, and Borkowski boasts an unrivalled network of national and international editors, producers, journalists and influencers.  
As the media landscape changes, this network has grown to include creatives, content producers, designers, artists and technologists. And as our portfolio of corporate clients and projects has grown, we have developed a potent black book of investors, financiers, CEOs, lawyers, executives and business owners.

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