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What do you think you’re worth? What do you think the value of your PR is to your clients? Does it weigh up to more than a marketing budget say, or a social media spend? Is your PR more valuable than a TV campaign or the posts of an influenecer? Read more

From Zuckerberg to Sorrell: when the CEO is hung out to dry

It’s lonely at the top. The modern CEO is expected to have a voice, to articulate values and, most importantly, be available. Yet there is little to prepare even the most media savvy executive for dealing with crisis once the internal support network begins to turn on you, with many boards happy to see leaders hung out to dry. Read more
This article is about: PR support when in crisis

Are we really brave enough to unplug from the Social Matrix?

With all due respect to the excellent investigative journalism that exposed the large-scale data harvesting by Cambridge Analytica  – it will not bring down Facebook. Read more
This article is about: Why some brands can survive negative headlines
Controversy PR: how brands cash in on the offence economy

Controversy PR: how brands cash in on the offence economy

It shouldn’t surprise us that brands have attempted to make money from outrage.

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The Cheryl and Liam Show

Are they, aren’t they? Will they, won¹t they separate? Forget the TV soaps. This week has been all about the Cheryl and Liam. Earlier in the week the Sun¹s showbiz guru Dan Wootton broke the story that the showbiz couple were about to split. According to his scoop, the dynamic duo were struggling to keep Read more

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