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Brexit dominates the UK headlines It pays to use Borkowski

Brexit dominates the UK headlines

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How Noel Broke Through the Noise

Mass media has now successfully isolated all the key ingredients to create a frenzy and generate the clicks and views which not only generate millions in revenue for the advertising overloads but offer a journalist the chance for a career-changing scoop. Read more

A Corporate World Of Standard Parts

A Friday thought or two. Borkowski has retained the heart of its culture throughout all the change and technological advances around us.  We are a company based on creativity and bravery, but also and perhaps most importantly, on loyalty and commitment and, this is the bit I am most proud of - that quietly what we have always delivered, we are still delivering - news campaigns that actually have an impact. That’s all I am saying. We don’t say disruption too often, we have never said badass and we haven’t become futurists either. We deal in the reality of here and now. Read more
Iceland. Caring or cynical? Time will tell.

Iceland. Caring or cynical? Time will tell.

We are now officially in the tinselled haze of mid-November when our TV screens are dominated by shmaltzy adverts aimed to pull at our heart strings and pickpocket our wallets.

When you think of Iceland, you can’t help but conjure up images of Kerry Katona and Peter Andre clutching shopping bags full of frozen pavlovas. Read more
What is PR?

What is PR?

“Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd” said P.T Barnum and I think about that a lot when wondering about the direction of certain campaigns I am working on. Barnum said a lot of quotable stuff and he knew a lot about the magic and mischief of capturing the public’s attention. Isn’t that at heart, simply what PR is about? We capture the essence of the stories or the issues that we know will move people – that result in a tangible outcome and not just noise and output, and we build relationships with like minded people who help us to tell the story or raise the issue. Say what you will or rather, add all the metrics and influencer groups you like to that basic premise, PR still needs creative courage, empathy and great relationships to work. Read more

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