About last summer

This summer fuelled admittedly by the odd 99, the work of the Borkowski team has dominated the headlines. There’s been the ongoing activism against Lloyds Bank and the HBOS fraud, a publicity campaign which in its own right has twice made the headlines, the launch of MAMA MIA! Here We Go Again, NOW 100 which launched and simultaneously disrupted any notion that music was all about downloads and streaming and grabbed the nation’s heart, the diversity of WOMAD, Jimmy Page and a fight for his property’s heritage, the rights of the British fishing industry in the face of Brexit, bitcoin and a new common wealth, the Beano and Britain’s biggest bingo business. Nobody has ever been able to pigeon hole Borkowski and I am glad that we remain true to our diverse roots and our creative-first approach.

But let’s not over state our worth.

It’s quite simple really. It’s just PR. PR is about engaging the crowd and championing a unique vision. It’s about finding or creating those unique stories that feed the news agenda and then keeping the story going. It’s about outcomes, not outputs - ideas that shape things, change minds, build brands. That’s all, but there is an art to it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
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