A Gentleman’s Oscar charm

The Oscar's are over and established stars and wannabe's should take note of Richard E Grant. Not for him the engineered press call or the staged response, but more  beautifully genuine and spontaneous reactions to his nomination and Oscar experience on Twitter expressing an unbridled joy and excitement, and oh how we love him for it.

We may say it over and over but humility and transparency wins every time in an age where it's not what you say or do, but who you are that counts. Richard E. Grant is no stranger to Twitter mind you, and advertisers should take note. When he launched his fragrance Jack into the public domain in 2014 he declared he had no budget for advertising and took to social media like a pro tweeting every day, personally answering enquires more often than not, to the incredulity of his customers, and cutting through the market on earned media alone. That's smart.

Richard E Grant is as real as it comes, epitomising a passion and purpose for everything he believes in, and totally un Hollywood with just one marriage lasting more than thirty years under his belt. Not for him the fake and silicon pumped up posturing, just glimpses into his life and his feelings and his very British self-effacing attitude to life.

Sadly he didn't win last night though we many were rooting for him. He doesn't tick enough of the Academy diversity boxes, but we loved  his unadulterated charm and genuine enjoment of the craziness of it all. 

He may not have picked up an Oscar, but he was the winner of the awards season despite of that.
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