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Purpose is one of those buzzwords like disruption, innovation and ephemeral content that I try to avoid. I like to keep things simple though I will admit the thing that has kept Borkowski relevant for the past thirty years is a singularity of purpose, and whilst of course we keep an eye on the future, our work is grounded in the present because the future is coming, but it may well change direction several times before it gets here. Meanwhile there are clients who need media coverage and counsel that sticks and engages now. Read more
Beano Studios inks corporate comms deal with Borkowski Ltd Dennis and Nasher

Beano Studios inks corporate comms deal with Borkowski Ltd

UK Childrens brand, the Beano, has appointed Borkowski Ltd to handle coporate comms to accompany the creative proposition the brand put forward in September 2016.

The new multi-platform Beano Studios now includes films, TV programmes, a digital network, live theatrical experiences, consumer products in addition to the long-lasting comic.

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