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Purpose is one of those buzzwords like disruption, innovation and ephemeral content that I try to avoid. I like to keep things simple though I will admit the thing that has kept Borkowski relevant for the past thirty years is a singularity of purpose, and whilst of course we keep an eye on the future, our work is grounded in the present because the future is coming, but it may well change direction several times before it gets here. Meanwhile there are clients who need media coverage and counsel that sticks and engages now.

Our roots have always been in strong media relations and within that, seeding stories as deep into every funnel as we can. Digital media and all that surrounds it is a given these days, so our offer is much more developed and flexible than just that, and has seen us focus on trying to tackle the fake news seeding resulting from digital advances, and those who seek to dim important messages using greenwashing, disinformation and tainted stories to skew the beliefs of the consumer.  

Beyond that, we have always believed in diversity as a value and one that provides the flame beneath our creativity and originality. Borkowski has an engine room of talented, young producers and publicists, but we also value experience and age. It’s simply not true that ideas emerge only from young people who are closer to the ground, because creativity can be found anywhere. Long term competency and capability can’t be overlooked when the experience that informs the greatest ideas and valuable strategies often comes from, well experience, and certainly all sorts of perspectives.

More and more the best thing we can do these days is show up as ourselves continuing to build a niche for our work that no one else can own. It's a niche carved over decades with other commentators, thinkers and analysts and working with companies and people who allow us to totally overhaul and revolutionise their attitude to communications, in order to forge a thoroughly captivating narrative in a post factual world.

Last week Borkowski appeared on the PR Week top 150 agencies with one of the highest income per person calculations. I am proud that a small and dedicated group of smart thinkers and doers do so much by simply focusing on clients and their purpose.

Mostly as technology advances and the world changes, we will keep believing and investing in the richness of humans and experience more and more.

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