Representing one of the world's leading digital art collectors in a fight against Nifty Gateway

Amir Soleymani

Borkowski represented renowned art collector Amir Soleymani's press campaign against NFT platform Nifty Gateway over a million-dollar Beeple auction in a high court claim.


Amir's final bid for the NFT was $650,000; once he was outbid, he bowed out. Then, when the auction ended (the winning bid was for $1.2 million), Amir was asked to pay $650k for a numbered edition of the NFT that he wasn't bidding for.
Soleymani refused to pay, and Nifty Gateway froze his digital wallet, which contains art purchased worth more than $1 million. Borkowski ran a press campaign to tell Amir's side of the story, exposing Nifty Gateway and their unusual auction format, which sparked a legal dispute in the NFT community and art world.

Borkowski secured over 200 pieces of coverage; highlights include The Sunday Times, The New York Post, The Art Newspaper, ARTnews, and Artnet News. The intense pressure from the press campaign saw Nifty Gateway unfreezing Amir's wallet, which he's in the process of retrieving through legal channels, and the legal battle is still ongoing.

Impact Highlights

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We secured over 200 pieces of coverage
in The Art Newspaper, Artnet, ARTnews, Yahoo! Finance, AP, MarketWatch, and Insider
The New York Post ran an article prompting Nifty Gateway to unfreeze Amir's wallet, who now has access to his NFTs previously bought on the site
Broke the story in the Sunday Times, and Amir shared the cutting across his social channels, which recorded over 100,000 impressions and 10,000 engagements on Twitter alone

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