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Borkowski was tasked with brokering senior level media and industry engagement to support Beano Studios in driving commercial deals across all its platforms.


Beano Studios relaunched as the new entertainment network for kids (particularly aged 7-10) inspired by the legendary comic and its characters, and our campaign began with the announcement of the octogenarian’s latest project, the first ever CGI Dennis in the CBBC series “Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed!”

Throughout the contract we worked on promoting the corporate reputation of Beano Studios, and CEO Emma Scott, in order to raise awareness for the brand and generate revenue opportunities through commercial partnerships. Alongside leading business media features, we secured multiple pieces of notable trade and industry coverage, prominent speaking platforms and various award entries culminating in numerous nominations and wins, all of which contributed to establishing Beano Studios as a valuable commercial entity.

Impact Highlights

How the Beano’s digital transformation is helping the brand reach a new audience

The Beano enters the digital age

Beano Studios on hunt for kids’ digital talent

There’s no menace in the digital age for The Beano

The Beano at 80: how a British institution is keeping the kids chuckling

Look who’s back! Dennis the Menace wows new generation of mischief-loving children

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21 pieces of
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5 broadcast
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Channel 4 news
14 national
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