Adopting blockchain to own a piece of Lord's

New Commonwealth


New Commonwealth owns iconic and premium property across London, including a strip of land at the nursery end of Lord’s Cricket Ground, over which there has been a longstanding battle with the MCC. They gave the public the ability to buy a portion of the properties in question at £500 per piece using Blockchain transactions Borkowski had to communicate this new and unusual venture to the public to gather momentum.

We organized a breakfast briefing at which world renowned cricketers David Gower, OBE and Keith Bradshaw spoke in favour of the venture as a launch for New Commonwealth and invited key sports and property journalists. We targeted international journalists in parts of the world known for their love of cricket, as well as planting a sensational story around The Government of South Australia’s intent to buy the land in order to celebrate the Adelaide Oval. The story received global coverage.

Impact Highlights

£500 to own a piece of Lord’s


“I want to help make Lord’s the world’s best again”, says David Gower


Lord’s land to go on sale at £500 as cricket fans get a chance to own part of historic ground


Parts of Lord’s cricket ground to be split up and sold off

Over 600 pieces of
21 pieces
of national
Global coverage;
stories ran in India,
America, Dubai
and Australia

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