From heiress to social activist

Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a very modern heiress. The construction boss, workers’ rights and LGBT campaigner left the family firm over her plans to make it a worker’s coop, handing over £40 million in shares. What did we do?


In the aftermath of a boardroom split, Caroline Murphy walked away from her role as Deputy Chairman of the family construction giant and approached Borkowski to help her frame her future as a high profile campaigner. Our role was to amplify her voice, position her for a future in politics and introduce her to some key collaborators.

Impact Highlights

The acceptable face of capitalism: 'Why I wanted my £40m to go to the staff'

Murphy’s law: the heiress who swapped corporate life for campaigning

Heiress Caroline Murphy puts workers before wealth

Impact Video

Impact Video

“The Borkowski team is a delight to work with. Their disruptive approach generates a very creative and exciting atmosphere. Although cautious when necessary, they have an open attitude to approaching issues from unusual angles.” Caroline Murphy
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