Building a profile for the UK's premier drone art company


Celestial, which operates the country's largest fleet of drones, produces fantastic light shows, with each drone becoming a pixel. AI-assisted choreography creates striking, ever-evolving constellations – often over 100m in diameter in the night's sky.

Borkowski launched Celestial's recreation of Amnesty's iconic Picasso dove and Candle logo in a one-off film to celebrate Amnesty's 60th anniversary, followed by a collaboration with Greenpeace that Celestial created to deliver a powerful warning about the biodiversity crisis at the critical G7 summit in Cornwall, and launching Celestial's record-breaking installation Our Wilder Family at Coventry City of Culture.

Borkowski secured significant coverage including features on PA Video and BBC News, plus a picture story in the Sunday Telegraph and a Reuters feature that positioned Celestial and this new tech-driven artform as a sustainable long-term replacement for fireworks. The news and broadcast piece combined for 450 pieces over coverage with 137 broadcast clips.

Borkowski is working with Celestial to open offices in Melbourne, LA, New York, Annapolis and Florida and a series of shows in Australia.


Impact Highlights

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Could display drones snuff out the firework?


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Over 450 pieces of
Coverage in
BBC News, PA,
Reuters & Sunday Telegraph
Reuters establishing piece significantly increased Celestial’s inbound enquiries

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