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Creating Legal History

Our publicity strategy and campaign culminated in a protest highlighting an attack on legal funding of such severity that it simultaneously threatened access to justice, quality of representation and a proper and fair defense of people’s rights.


We began the process of developing the narrative for the CBA with our rigorous audit process. This provided a fresh pair of eyes on complex issues, strategic counsel and the creation of a framework for a powerful and purposeful narrative clearly crafting the real issue behind the stories. The action of this created legal history and the results stand for themselves.

Impact Highlights

Strike threat over changes to legal aid

Court at risk of standstill as barristers vote to join solicitors' protest against legal aid cuts

Barristers threaten to walk out over legal aid cuts

Impact Video

Impact Video

"Borkowski tailor their fees to the individual need of the organisation and do not demand a fixed term brief. Mark Borkowski is always prepared to offer his considerable experience only when he is needed. He has truly added value to what I have set out to achieve during my tenure and has been a joy to work with”. Michael Turner QC, Chair of the Criminal Bar Association.
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