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SG Fisheries


SG Fisheries was denied a license to fish the highly lucrative UK waters in the South Atlantic, with foreign companies being awarded the licenses instead despite the rhetoric from the government about taking back control of our waters post-Brexit. Our challenge was to help SG Fisheries gain a Judicial Review of the decision, and if successful, launch campaigns in the media in order to influence the decision and inform the wider public of the issue.

We saw an opportunity to capitalise on the arguably unethical decision by the government and seeded stories to national publications to highlight this. In tandem, we ran a local campaign and worked with the actor and journalist Nigel Pivaro, who visited local fishing communities to discuss their issues with the current fishing legislation and their fears for the industry in the future post-Brexit, thus linking the two issues together in the media.

Impact Highlights

Betrayal! Now foreign firms are set to keep their lucrative rights to fish in UK waters after Brexit

Scales of justice are tipping against our fishermen

Outrage as Falklands fishing boats lose out to Norway in £75m storm

Bit Fishy Boris! British firm snubbed by Foreign Secretary over Falkland’s fishing licences has been granted a judicial review

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