Starting a live comedy revolution

Fight In The Dog

Working with Fight in the Dog since their inception, Borkowski provided PR support for their three theatrical productions: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night with a cast of Comedians, co-founder Liam Williams’ debut play Travesty and Williams and fellow Sheeps member Darran Johnson’s alt-comedy panto Ricky Whittington and his Cat, before providing press office support for the company’s rosters at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2017.


We focussed on Fight in the Dog’s unique production model which borrows from both theatre and comedy models and attracts innovative shows which combine elements of different genres, as well as bolstering and leveraging the profile of the company’s better-known performers to create buzz around their exciting young talent.

All three plays sold out their London runs and in three years the company has grown to be a major part of the media discussion around Edinburgh Fringe comedy and scored massive hits including Dave Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner Jordan Brookes, I’ve Got Nothing in 2019; Jordan Brookes: Bleed and Sheeps, Live & Loud Selfie Sex Harry Potter in 2018 and Tom Ballard, Problematic and Giants: For an Hour in 2017. Shows which have become the buzz debuts of the Fringe have also included Aaron Chen, P*ss Off Just Kidding and George Fouracres: Gentlemon in 2019, Sam Campbell: The Trough in 2018 and Jon Pointing: Act Natural in 2017.

Impact Highlights

Pantomime is still relevant… oh yes it is!


Jordan Brookes is disturbingly funny – and a worthy Edinburgh Comedy awards champ


Are comedy double acts making a comeback?


Jon Pointing interview with Ashley Davies

Tom Ballard Funny from the Fringe


The sardonic joy of the Black Country, where no one is spared a ribbing


Will Adamsdale: Power-hungry puppets ate my comedy career

Top 50
Jordan Brookes & Sheeps named in The Guardian’s best Comedians of 21st Century
Jordan Brookes: Dave Edinburgh Comedy Award winner 2019
Ricky Whittington and his Cat was the most commercially successful show in the history of New Diorama Theatre
In 3 years we secured
over 100
pieces of national media coverage for emerging talent

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