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An international publicity campaign for South Australia

Government of South Australia

Borkowski has worked with the Government of South Australia over a ten year period. Our role is to spike interest in the region through projects promoting migration, tourism, talent and inward investment.

We have led several international publicity campaigns positioning the region as a cultural hub, a vibrant economic centre and a global pioneer in sustainable technology.


We have organised key introductions - media, cultural and political - and organised high profile events to raise awareness for the region. Most recently we sparked viral interest in Kangaroo Island through a possible partnership with “ITV’s I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of Here.”

Impact Highlights

ITV boss says he will ‘consider’ moving I’m A Celebrity to Australia’s Kangaroo Island

Prince William unveils statue of Australia explorer Matthew Flinders

Entrepreneur brings agricultural technology to Australian outback

investment awarded
to Sundrop farms
UK print and broadcast
International coverage
more than 4o
High profile
events organised
to raise key
89 million
people saw the
media campaign
A focused
social media

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