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We created a dynamic and multifaceted campaign for Nureyev­ a uniquely stylish and forensically detailed documentary about the legendary ballet dancer ­ leading up to its UK cinematic release.


The film was the latest by BAFTA-nominated sibling filmmakers Jacqui and David Morris, whose previous film Attacking the Devil: Harold Evans and the last Nazi War Crime we had also launched in the while executive producer and adland legend Trevor Beattie was another longtime Borkowski collaborator.

The film featured 16 minutes of never-before-seen footage of Nureyev and a series of specially created modern dance choreographed by Russell Malliphant and telling Nureyev's life with narration by Dame Sian Phillips (a friend of Rudi's) and of contributors including ballerinas such as Dame Antoinette Sibley.

Without the clout of a Hollywood Film we were forced to create hard news angles around the film's unique style and heavy hitting cast-and-creative team; David and Jacqui's profile as acclaimed independent filmmakers helped unlock the arts and film press; Dames Sian and Antoinette added and extra news and celebrity angle; the current tensions with Russia created eerie parallels with the film's Cold War setting, engaging international news and features media; Nureyev's ahead-of-his-time iconography appealed to fashion and lifestyle press; his sexuality and a partnership with Pride in London engaged LGBTQ influencers and media; we created a balletic photo stunt at the premiere and used that celebrity attendees to create photo diary stories; and we even used Trevor Beattie's involvement and a special creative marketing to add an extra angle around the film's unique promotion.

Impact Highlights

Rudolf Nureyev documentary unearths unseen avant-garde footage

Rudolf Nureyev: How the dance legend continues to inspire

Why superstar ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev was as big as Mick Jagger

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