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Opera Ventures: Breaking The Waves

Founded by English National Opera Artistic Director John Berry, Opera Ventures produces new opera and mixed media productions at a fraction of the costs incurred by the traditional models and pass the savings on to members of the public with affordable tickets.


Our task was to leverage John Berry’s status within the arts world to build a media profile for Opera Ventures which draws attention to their unique production model, as well as to provide strategic support for Opera Ventures’ first two major productions to date, Greek and Breaking the Waves – both co-produced with Scottish Opera and staged at the Edinburgh International Festival.

We successfully positioned Opera Ventures as a champion of regional opera, cross-disciplinary creative collaboration and an antidote to public funding cuts, securing coverage in The Times, Guardian, Observer, Fest and Sky News while ensuring the company was mentioned over fifty times across media coverage across the two productions, ensuring equal billing with its more established co-producers.

Impact Highlights

"Edinburgh festivals: Cuts will kill festival, says opera chief"

"Funding opera: direct to the stage"

Secured key pieces on the company and its productions in
The Times, Observer,
Guardian, Fest and Sky News
Over 50 mentions in
the media as
a co-producer
Media identity and key messages established via key John Berry
news pieces in
The Times
The FT

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