Amplifying the business philosophy of a maverick entrepreneur

Ryan Howsam

Borkowski works as strategic brand and media relations consultant to entrepreneur, investor and business mentor Ryan Howsam, the founder and Chairman of market-leading UK travel insurer Staysure. In addition to harnessing Ryan’s thought leadership and business philosophy, we have worked with him to develop new business and mentoring initiatives such as an entrepreneur fund and special projects including a senior golf tour, a television format, and the sponsorship and launch of a brand new televised food and drinks award ceremony. Creating this rounded and multifarious profile has enabled us to secure introductions to high-level media contacts, and to begin to build a media presence by both anticipating the news agenda to insert comment and commentary and proactively securing feature coverage.


Impact Highlights

UK insurer offers cover for European countries on travel quarantine list


Business angel says many SMEs may not be worth rescuing from Covid hit


UK travel insurers stopping policy sales over coronavirus

Profile interview
with the lead
city editor
National coverage of initiatives in The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Daily Mirror
Leading the creative template, bidding and negotiation process to secure a television commission with a top tier UK network, ITV

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