Making the internet safer for children


Borkowski was commissioned to produce a fame building campaign for pioneers of online safeguarding for children, SafeToNet, and founder Richard Pursey.


Leveraging the long-running newsworthiness of child safety online, general public interest in digital privacy and the thirst in the media for innovative technology in these spaces, Borkowski work with SafeToNet to conduct and present original research into children’s habits online which is both revealing of new and interesting patterns of behaviour and presents SafeToNet both as an expert on online behavioural patterns among children, and campaigning thought-leader when it comes to making the internet a safe environment for all ages.

Powerful news stories, one a call for governments to take action to prevent grooming, the other a study into the language used by children on the internet, produced national media coverage and positioned SafeToNet as one of the leaders of the UK and wider international SafetyTech industry.

Impact Highlights:

Borkowski helped steer SafeToNet through a Safety Tech report published by the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), as a part of its commitment to ensure the UK is the safest place in the world to go online.   

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How to teach children about consent from an early age


App deciphers children’s text slang to alert worried parents

Secured over 710 pieces of coverage
Released report: increased dangers of lockdown for children
Highlights Daily Mail, MailOnline, Telegraph, Express, Sun, ITV, Independent, Guardian and Sunday Times
secured over
national media coverage for SafeToNet

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