Launching the first ever label to sign ‘Metaverse’ bands


Soundr is a blockchain music label exclusively signing interactive virtual acts that will only ever exist in the metaverse. Founders and entrepreneurs John Black and Pete Kirtley were inspired to create Soundr after witnessing the social and cultural impact virtual worlds had on younger generations.
Soundr approached Borkowski to launch Skullz - the first act to go through this exciting new signing process. Skullz launched as an NFT drop on 8 July 2021, and Borkowski was tasked to run the press campaign.
We set out Soundr’s messaging to focus on creating a cultural moment for young people. By tailoring our messaging to target Gen Z audiences, we made it clear that Soundr provided acts that teenagers can engage with across multiple virtual spaces.
In the first hour, Skullz sold 10,000 NFTs after we landed an establishing piece in The i, followed by MailOnline and seeded Soundr globally with coverage in Yahoo Finance, Market Watch and Reuters & Bloomberg Investment terminals. The story also landed on Reddit!


Impact Highlights

21st Century Spice Girls? Meet Skullz, the AI punk group selling NFTs and ‘interactive experiences’ to fans


'A 21st century Spice Girls': Award-winning songwriter forms an AI GIRL GROUP called Skullz who will release NFTs rather than singles


Soundr label launches with a focus on signing virtual artists

in The I
followed by a
10,000 NFTs sold in an hour generating £100,000s in revenue

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