Launching a campaign to save a legendary Shoreditch studio


Under threat of closure from new planning permissions in hip Shoreditch, our campaign is helping the legendary studio to launch initiatives and raise awareness of the threats and the studio’s commitment to supporting local creative talent by generating media interest around their war cry as they battle the council to keep this iconic piece of Shoreditch and prominent contributor to the UK music industry, alive.


Legendary UK studio space Strongroom, which for over 34 years has been utilised by world renowned British talent such as the Spice Girls, Prodigy and Nick Cave, is facing a threat to their business with requested planning permission on the land next door. The iconic space acts as an incubation hub to small, creative businesses, offering the more affordable rents that originally put Shoreditch on the map for those in the business of the arts, allowing them to grow and fl ourish whilst still in their fledgling stages.

Strongroom is leading the initiative to ensure Shoreditch can become more affordable once again through the launch of a refurbished Bar and Kitchen, a new not-for-profi t menu and a new partnership with independent brewer Edinburgh Beer Company, from which they will be serving the Paolozzi Lager.

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