Relaunching a superstar and creating a new art form

The Abandoned Room

Borkowski was tasked with launching a new magicians’ speakeasy experience created by Dynamo. The concept saw Dynamo premiere highly personal theatre-magic show Times Are Gone For Honest Men in an intimate, purpose-built theatre beneath Fitzrovia’s opulent and magical Mandrake Hotel before heading on a UK tour. The experience could be expanded to include an exclusive cocktail reception with specially created cocktails, dinner in The Mandrake’s restaurant which was founded by a Michelin Star Chef, a night in The Mandrake and a chance to meet Dynamo.


Borkowski’s task was to produce and execute a PR campaign to launch The Abandoned Room which effectively delivered the projects key messages to create excitement, educate the public and potential stakeholders about the concept, and drive ticket sales.

Using the interest created by the news of Dynamo’s return to stage, Borkowski focussed on pieces which had the best chance to both provide a positive and intelligent insight into the project, and reach the HNW and young professionals who were the target for ticket sales, while managing Dynamo’s limited time to act as a project spokesman.

Impact Highlights

A magician's greatest trick? Surviving

Dynamo is back and unleashing his skills in his very own speakeasy

I'm not looking for applause, I want gasps

Red Bulletin's Top Pick

Initial London run at the Mandrake Hotel totally sold out and extended by 2 weeks.
pieces of coverage
18 pieces of major national newspaper and broadcast coverage
Introduction dinner introduced the concept to 9 editors and CEOs

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