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United Talent Agency

Expanding UK networks and media influence

UTA is one of the big Hollywood talent agencies, yet when they bought London-based Agency Group, they still lagged behind other competitive agencies in terms of recognition in the UK.


With a smaller UK roster, UTA had to punch above its weight to get heard. Our work put the agency into the conversations surrounding deals and talent, earning coverage in national newspapers and the key trades. We introduced agents to influential figures in British arts and media, expanding their European network, and established a programme of thought leadership through positioning agents at key media conferences and festivals. We also set up in-depth profiles with top UTA executives that for the first time articulated the agency’s vision for the UK and beyond.     

Impact Highlights

Hollywood super-agent Jeremy Zimmer: The big studios have 'abdicated' on originality

Hollywood chooses protests over parties as the stars get ready for Oscars activism

Dissident artist Ai Weiwei goes to Hollywood

Peter Benedek an agent with a taste for drama

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