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Simple stage magic

Wilton’s Music Hall


Wilton’s Music Hall, the oldest working music hall in Europe took upon the challenge to take themselves out of the pantomime scene yet remain festive with their Christmas show, creating something entirely unique and different, The Box of Delights. The aim of the first ever stage adaptation of the much-loved children’s novel by John Masefield, was to attract new audiences and to stand out in a saturated Christmas market. Our challenge was creating and maintaining awareness and excitement of a brand-new show that was only known to a specific audience; those who knew the original book or who had watched the BBC television series in the 1980s.

Impact Highlights

“destined to become an enduring festive favourite"

"A magical, visually arresting adaptation"

"Simple stage magic”

“ Every form of stage magic bursts out of this production… an epic children’s fantasy realised with ambition, love and care.”

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