About Borkowski Consumer PR Division

Borkowski’s Consumer PR division builds campaigns that help you increase your fame, build a more positive public profile, and ultimately win more customers.

This promise is built on the foundation of 35 years of media relations expertise, creativity, in-depth understanding of channels and mediums, and a holistic and collaborative approach to publicity.
Our unrivalled ability to place stories in national news and consumer media is thanks both to our network of editorial contacts and our intimate understanding of the steps required to break into the news agenda.
With contacts and experience spanning many sectors, our storytelling playbook is one of the most expansive in the industry: we underpin our campaigns with illuminating and incisive research that forms the basis of substantive, engaging thought-leadership, which we then place in the media via interviews, features, op-eds and ‘newsjacking’ the agenda.

We increase our clients’ cultural capital by brokering partnerships with talent, influencers and like-minded brands who can forge connections with new audiences, and similarly connect our clients with good causes and urgent issues through charity partnerships. We are particularly engaged with sustainability and help clients navigate towards genuine change and away from greenwashing.
We forge close working relationships, forming an extension of in-house communications teams, and working closely and positively with social media and advertising agencies. We get under your skin and work towards a common purpose.

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