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About Us


We are a communications agency that truly understands the power of the crowd.

For over 35 years, Borkowski has been engaged in the relentless pursuit of hearts and minds. With a watchful eye on the future, we pride ourselves on our ability to influence attitudes and behaviour, and ultimately generate fame by harnessing the most impactful communications tools of the age. 
Born in showbusiness, Borkowski’s philosophy was informed by P.T. Barnum and the ‘Stuntsters’ of Hollywood’s Golden Age. They viewed publicity as an extension of their artform, they used their creative powers to generate word-of-mouth, insert themselves into prestigious conversations, and ultimately persuade their audience of their value.
A maverick, shapeshifting entity, our services include communications strategy, media relations, crisis management, conceiving and producing creative activations, aiding business development through introductions to our network, content creation, event production and management, and social media strategy.

The Story

The work of our Corporate Communications and Consumer PR teams includes global launches for major brands, building communications frameworks for exciting start-ups, fame building for maverick entrepreneurs, managing the reputations of high-profile individuals and championing paradigm-shifting causes.
We have also built a globally recognised Crisis and Reputation Management operation, recognised by Spear’s Magazine and PR Week as one of the industry’s finest at navigating sensitive issues to create genuine positive change, and tackling the fallout of the current culture wars.

Our acclaimed Arts & Culture team has over three decades of experience running worldwide publicity for major cultural landmarks and events, while we have also launched a specialist studio Feejee Mermaid dedicated to conceiving and producing publicity stunts.

Borkowski recently launched a new division dedicated to the Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain clients with a bespoke experience on Roblox and a virtual office and events space in the new metaverse pax.world.
We take on difficult, sophisticated jobs: high risk, high reward work that requires a totally distinctive approach to communications.
We pride ourselves on our ability to create impactful, agenda-setting stories, understand and effectively communicate complex issues, our network, innovation, problem-solving, and our close and trusting working relationships. We get under our clients’ skin and work as one team towards a common goals.

So say hello to bigideas@borkowski.co.uk or to find out more Contact Us.

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