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Borkowski offers clients what few others can: consummate practical and highly creative publicity experience, incisive analysis, intelligent and thoughtful counsel, influence and exceptional access to the people who decide what is printed or commissioned by editors across all aspects of the global media.

The Story

During our 30 plus years of experience in the publicity and media worlds we’ve amassed a whole lot of blue chip experience over many sectors and a formidable black book. We use our unrivalled experience, contacts and smart thinking to help our clients impact public perception and awareness.

We are not fooled by fashion, tamed by reason or trapped by experience.  We help businesses and people with big ideas, equip them for uncertainty and get rid of any - same old – me too- thinking! 

We also provide tailored, pragmatic responses to crisis situations: quickly identifying any threatening issues and providing robust counsel to guide clients through turbulent times, effectively and efficiently resolving issues.

We make the crucial connections required to add value and resilience to any idea or opportunity using a bespoke approach and ensuring we build layers of stories across multiple channels to hack growth and accelerate reputation.

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