A Corporate World Of Standard Parts

That doesn’t mean we don’t keep an interested eye on the future though, on all the developments in AI, voice technology and data advancements , but we just believe that real creativity and a commitment to that, is the one thing that has always underpinned it all and you can’t replace that, because humans are unpredictable! Artificial intelligence must still learn to accomodate both the subjective and objective and that of course is about the unpreditcable and irrational and an understanding of how things move us emotionally.

As I hear more and more about data and how impressed and reliant campaigns are becoming on its calculations, I see how we are not so impressed by the ability to see new possibilities and make crucial connections.

So I hope that creativity will rise up again and soon to meet the need for metrics. Or I await a machine that can come up with a new idea!

Actually I leave you with  Robert Barancik:

Robot hands and silicon hearts
A corporate world of standard parts
Where are the scholors and lyric souls?
Learning basic or on the dole.
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