False Teeth in a Pork Pie: How to unleash your inner crazy

Mark Borkowski

For the first time in a decade, Mark Borkowski took to the stage at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new one-man tribute to the trailblazing forefathers and maverick spirit that drove his extraordinary journey through the world of publicity: False Teeth in a Pork Pie: How to unleash your inner crazy


A late-arriving festival underdog. Mark focused the show’s most shocking anecdotes into a rallying call to revive the maverick spirit of the Fringe and made his case in media outlets such as BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Scotland, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Stage, The Drum, British Comedy Guide, Pop Bitch and the ‘Slaughtered’ Podcast.
During the festival Mark took the show to the streets with stunts including hiring the recently-cancelled Jerry Sadowitz to ‘return’ to the Fringe in the form of a voiceover introduction to the show. The story featured in The Times, The National and Beyond the Joke among others.

He also unleashed a somewhat uncouth version of Candid Camera’s infamous talking post box which featured and was one of the most-viewed posts on the official Edinburgh Fringe TikTok channel, before shocking bystanders by “eating his own publicity” in the form of a strategically placed edible poster. 
The show earned widespread praise both in its own right and for the quality of its promotional activity, and is set to transfer to London in 2023.

Impact Highlights

The 'Talking Postbox'


Loose Ends


Mark Borkowski says we should turn off tech and follow the example of his maverick acts


Jerry Sadowitz sets the stage for publicist’s tell-all show

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Featured in Times, Express, & BBC Radio 2, 4 & Scotland
Talking Postbox stunt hit 100k+ views on EdFringe official TikTok

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