Changing the narrative of a deadly miscarriage of justice

Jasmine Hartin

After being accused of culpability for a tragic accident in May 2021, Jasmin Hartin was exposed to a torrent of negative headlines, online hate, rumours, and hearsay. Furthermore, there was no reporting on the treatment and systemic failures Jasmine had been exposed to in custody in Belize.


The major goal of our campaign was to make Jasmine’s side of the story public by ensuring the inclusion of key messages in a selection of highly targeted, high-profile news stories. We were also asked to serve as media advisors, providing strategic counsel on media requests, briefings and training.

We placed key articles in The Times of London, Toronto Star, CBC and Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (Fox, Talk TV), which generated further nuanced coverage on the likes of Sky News, The New York Post and the Daily Beast.

In addition, our campaign triggered an enormous increase in the number of ‘Neutral’ or ‘Balanced’ articles, suggesting a wider shift in the narrative from universal negativity to a more nuanced view. 

Impact Highlights

Jasmine Hartin interview: ‘If I stay in jail, Ashcroft’s son gets our company — and our children’


Piers Morgan Uncensored | 20-Jun-22


Accused killer Jasmine Hartin begs PM for help

changed narrative
and sentiment
around the
Broadcast highlights:
featured in Times, Toronto Star, Daily Beast, New York Post
Broadcast on
Piers Morgan Uncensored, CBC News, Sky News

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