Borkowski is in the Metaverse

The Next Frontier of Storytelling

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​Borkowski has launched a new division dedicated to Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain clients with a bespoke experience on Roblox and a virtual office and events space in the new metaverse

As well as communications and PR strategy for clients in the sector, Borkowski is also curating, developing and commissioning events, experiences and publicity stunts to live on various metaverse platforms.

In addition to consulting on the launch of, Borkowski’s other metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain work to date includes launching the first metaverse-only record label Soundr, representing crypto art curator Amir Soleymani, working with drone art company Celestial on their collaboration with EpicGames, and working with experiential studio Immersive on their transition into metaverse experiences, crypto art and virtual personalities.

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