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Positioning an Oscar winning director

Susanne Bier

As The Night Manager aired to great acclaim both here and in the US, Oscar winner Susanne Bier felt her role as director was being overlooked in the premium profiles.


The role of Borkowski was to position Susanne as a thought leader, particularly highlighting the diversity issues in Hollywood and to establish her position as one of the world’s most acclaimed film and television directors particularly around the Emmy’s. We secured her interviews and features across all the major channels and press.

Impact Highlights

Night Manager director Susanne Bier 'shortlisted for next Bond film'

Stephen Sackur talks to one of Europe's top film directors, Susanne Bier.

Director Susanne Bier Says Movies ‘Will Die Out’ If They Don’t Reflect Diversity

"I've never been a careerist"

TV is opening the door to female directors – film needs to catch up

"I have been very impressed with what you have done, with such empathy and relevance." Susanne Bier
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